Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog Tour Links

Hi minions! 
So here is the list of blogs that will be featuring or interviewing me in the coming weeks.
Tune into Allison's Nook as she has the goodie pack to be won at the end! Her interview was yesterday so why not swing by and have a mosey? 
May learn something new about me!

December 8 - Allison's Nook                                     
December 9- Peace, Love, Books
December 10- Steve Emmett                                    
December 12- Jessica Bradshaw                               
December 13- YA Book Addict
December 14- Delphina Reads Too Much                
December 15- Just Me, Myself, and I
December 16- Ever and Ever Sight                            
December 17- Tammy's Tea Time
December 18- Jenna Roads                                        
December 19- A Little Bit Of R&R
December 20- Books, Brownies, and Brownies         
December 21- Jean Booknerd 

I have to thank everyone involved in the tour, I know it is a lot of work especially this time of year when we are all worried about Christmas dinners and what 
present to get that annoying person that has everything. Also a big hug to Allison who came up with the idea and set it all in motion! 
Cheerio Minions! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blog Tour

Well folks! Long time no see!

Yes I forgot about the blog again - too busy/life again. 

I suppose I have a lot of news, freelancing for major fantasy publishers, 
taken on by a agent in London and the UK. Doing a bit of charity work as well. Payback. 

I'm doing a blog tour with Allison Suzette Medina of  Allisons Nook  

 It is running from December 8th to 22nd. 
If you go HERE you will see the event listing on FB and open slots 
- plenty left so just ask her to be a part of it.

You get to win lots of shiny prints and "stuff" from Allison as well. Good Christmas presents! 

So have fun, go look and hope to see you all there! 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Immortal Coil

It seems like I am not a very good blogger - I just get distracted by shiny things on Etsy or ebay or
any number of the many vintage sites I now stalk like a serial vintage ho!

Anyway, I'll update the press over the coming days

First up

Immortal Coil by CI Black 
Self Pub, PNR

Here is the Goodreads link and respective link to all buying sites.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Bride Quest, Claire Delacroix

I recently finished a tripic of covers for Clare Delacroix aka the amazing Deborah Cooke

I've also helped Deborah with her Claire Delacroix website so go have a looking at the shiny banners

Be Bad!