Thursday, May 16, 2013

Representation US and UK

Hi folks 

A while ago I contacted some agents and after a long story I won't bore you with 
apart from saying that its so mental it could only happen to me.

Alan Lynch Artists has agreed to represent me for the whole of the US of A. 
He is also by way of Knock so we get on like a house on Guinness! 

 I am so chuffed to be represented by him as some of his other
artists are my hero's. No really! Just go look who I'm along side! Me! Amazeballz! 

So this means that if you live or are in the publishing/print industry in the US and
you'd like to hire me you have to go through Alan. No Indy authors apart from the 
few I have on my books from previous work can contact me directly. 
Well you can but I'll have to send you to Alan. This is only applicable to the US.

I've also been represented by Advocate Art in the UK for a few months now and Indy Authors  
or other print professionals on this side of the world CAN contact me. 

Different agents have different regulations.

So thats the newwwssss.....