Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So um was messing the other day and low and behold I ran across Castleroche!

I've ONLY LIVED HERE 25+ years and it's less than 15 mins away!


It is said to have been built in 1236 by Lady Rohesia de Verdun,

granddaughter of Bertram de Verdun

Rohesia is said to have promised herself (yeah right the SCARLET!) in marriage to the architect if she liked the castle (ie according to how much he charged her! I wonder was it in "flesh" muahaahahhhh!) However, when he came to claim her hand she had him thrown out, what is now called,
the ‘murder window


The so called Murder window is in the pic above , top right and is boarded up!

It's built on a limestone outcropping and it had one hell of a moat
(I walked/scrambled/died) walking up it today

They run from the wheezing and MONOPOD OF DOOM!

Cleaver Sheeps!

It was the edge of "The Pale" and Cromwell is said to have demolished it

*shakes fist*
All the upper level windows have seats, and some structures like
the kitchens and what looks like a rabbit hole only not (see below) is still standing.

Coz I was being stalked by a ghost (I kid u not) I didn't get many shots


I shall be heading back with a minion in tow so they can
give me a "leg up" to where we shouldn't go!


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