Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Etopia Press Feb Releases

Two new releases for Etopia Press

Divolino by Steve Emmett

This was meant to be a routine girl in cloak cover. Meh! 

I much prefer this. I drew on a lot of personal experiences making this as I just LOVE Italy. 

When I grow up I'm moving there!

The chance to build a dream home on a private island in Italy’s most beautiful lake offers architect Tom Lupton the fresh start he’s been yearning for. But when he arrives with his family on Diavolino, he finds the terrified locals dead set against his arrival. The island, whose very existence has been shrouded in secrecy for half a millennium, has a dark history that no one cares to remember, and as their opposition to Tom grows, so grows a brooding evil that will lead them to the very doors of hell…


Sunlight by C.L. Bledsoe

Many many sunflower pics were gone through until I found "that" one that was just perfect. 
What’s the most boring place in the world? The farm. After his mother’s death, Sol is sent to spend the summer with his aunt and uncle, but with no cell service and only an old dinosaur of a computer, Sol’s not sure how he’s going to survive. But his boredom is interrupted by strange sounds at night, the discovery of a mysterious cave, and stuff that starts to sound an awful lot like a bedtime story his mother used to tell him when he was small… that just might be true...

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