Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Master Series

So as some of ye know I am in the process of a "Master" series. 

Last night I uploaded the latest one

An Asarlai Maistir
The Magic Master

On Deviant Art I got the following comment which in my opinion doesn't need any trinkets or bells. 

It's just as it is. So enjoy! 
Simply gorgeous in every respect. The mood of powerful magic being afoot here is fantastic. Entirely nebulous, however, at just what manner of mysticism the Lass deals in by way of how she makes her bold appearance on the stage. There is a sense of the dark about the literal Lady, and the way all these bright exploding lights flow in front of her with the intense illumination behind her, it seems almost as if she has just broken irresistibly through a barrier of light and the shattered radiance is still flying through the air before her as when you come on an accident and the wheels are still spinning.
~ Tom aka drigulch

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  1. Absolutely stunning, as usual...........Love the colors and visual artistry.....Once again...Job well done!!!