Thursday, December 16, 2010

Foraois Chianaosta

Lets do this properly and move all the work in here! 
I'll be moving the work from the "protfolio" section in here and while not meant as tutorials, I'll describe what they mean and some stuff. Nuthing major ladz! 
I will be going 18+ because people are so SENSITIVE to the F word!

Foraois Chianaosta


Foraois Chianaosta was made for a very special person.

They basically have let me live my dream and come January I will be conquering the world!

Now about the piece. 
The general proportion grid is standard Golden section. Perspective is slightly down as I wanted to view "into" water. If you inhale as much as I do re this stuff then yeah - it becomes second nature. 

So I started out with a rough X is the horses and Y is the river, and X is a island and A is the banks and basically it just goes on from there. I always work back to front so all the grids like background trees, mid ground water, back mid ground with stag, mid ground with horses, etc to the front sections.


So then came rendering. And stock finding...and rendering....

So got it all basically done and I decided in my fucking wisdom there wasn't enough details. 
*insert massive migraine here*

In comes the robin, snail, extra hut yokes, fish, boat, flowers, more trees.....

*contemplates pressing DELETE* 

I think in all this is easily 20+ hours work with in excess of 170 fucking Layers (clipping masks are YOUR FRIEND!) I did count it - forgot! 

The bloodstock are Prime Irish Flat Racing Stock (Group 1) and I 
have never seen a more beautiful mare and foal. 

And I've seen A LOT! 

The lady that owns them is the loveliest person in the world! She also has the maddest hatter of a dog called Micha! Yup! Micha is with Lucy and the Bloodstock keeping them all in line! 

The fish is for Da, the robin is for Mum, the snail is for taking it handy, 
the stag coz well I'm always horny and the wee village is well just SNAZZY DARLINGS!!!

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