Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael
The UPDATED version! 

Now who doesn't love a hawt guy with wings!

Well apart from Straight Guys I can't see anyone else not liking hawt guys with wings!

As most of ye know Archangel Raphael is based on Nalini Singh's character of the same name from the Guild Hunter Series. If you haven't read her work (any of it - pant and drool for A'Consort and Kiss of Snow in 2011 - bloody GAGGING!!! HAWKE!!! mmmm!! FOCUS!) I highly reccommend! 

She even featured it on her blog too!! 

Not telling ya why it's updated - but it had to get CYMK FOGRA27 embedded.....any guesses yet?  
This is my first 100% digital painting! Unfortunatley I never have the time to do another one

I end up doing parts like but nneehhhhhhhhhh!!

I think it's around 8 hours in total with the wings. Those wings! mmmm!!

Wouldn't mind him dusting me with angel dust! muahhhh!!

The download is quite big and should be ok for a desktop!

Right off to have a wee beer! 

Be bad!


  1. Love this! And now I want to reread both Guild Hunter books!

  2. oh man! , really amazing job, just like my imagined :D