Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year & Beann Sidhe Clann!

Happy new year everyone! Hope your all recovered and well! 


Beann Sidhe Clann or Banshee Family was yet another slight mistake! 

Kelly Ealy puts these pics up and she is very tolerant of me and my smurfmaking! Especially in this one as the wee girl is her daughter Adrianna.

I've done a few for her now and she knows the score! 

I do love most of her shots, they are like perfect in exposure and her models are always stunning! I never really have to do much to them which is always a bonus.

So I was STRICTLY doing a RETOUCH (see top right hand pic below) 
and added in a blue adj layer to see what would happen. 


 Yeah - it actually was easy enough to put that well known photo from stock exchange in 
and because I was a lazy cow just blended it into the grass. 

The hardest part was Laura New's dress and getting the tonal gradient right over it. 
REALLY hard and well lets just say messing with upwards on 6 adjustment layers 
at a time is so much fun!


Was done over most of October as I was very busy with Annie and Etopia but I think its 4 - 5 hours work and only around 80 or so layers. 

Be bad kiddos in 2011!! 

I'm gonna take over the world with sticky chocolate toffee pudding with lashings of custard! 


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