Monday, March 28, 2011

Suspense Magazine

Back in February I contacted Suspense Magazine enquiring if they would possibly like to feature my work. I'm never that hopeful about such things - I still think the majority of work I put out is shite so yeah I HAVE ISSUES people!! 

Anyhow! On Facebook they had a voting contest as to which cover people could pick.  Lets just say myself and Shannon the Creative Director had much laughter at the "Vote Wars" as we've called it. Unreal!! I'd rather not do it again! :-D

Below is the one that was voted for:

Bit of a obvious choice hay! 

There was a bit of a rush on as I was due to be in Junes issue, but I was brought foward. I was hoping to make some more nice gothic/horror manips for it but only got time for one. 

Since I am such a nice person here is a sneak peak

For those who want to know its titled


I can see everyone running to Gaelic translation machine *evillaugh* 

Myself and Shannon had a SERIOUS *twitch* moment when I sent the final of it. We wanted to pull the cover that was voted for and use this instead. But WE DIDN'T! I still however am twitchy re her. I think she would have been even better. I'd also go lezzer for her and ye all know how much I like my men!

So anyway yeah - magazine is on sale in April and can be both bought in e-format and print (for us heathens) 

Be Bad Kiddos!

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