Friday, April 15, 2011

Suspense Magazine Pt 2

I'm currently shoving my face with Shelbourne meringue's and a cuppa! Tis the nicest thing EVER!! 

1) it doesn't talk back
2) ask when your done training
3) ask when your done working
4) moan when your tired from 2 and 3
5) the sugar content gives you a high that = a orgasm (and dare I say a decent one at that?) 

Right back to the point!

Suspense Magazine tears are in! So I'll show some of it  including some nice quotes from the article. 

To buy go HERE Its April 2011 

 A recent return to the art world, she battles with what she feels is a waste of ten years of talent where she took the route of science instead of heeding the call to art school. After getting to know a small slice of this very talented and funny woman, we would certainly disagree.

The personal ones are the “Gothic Fantasy meets Narnia.” You can tell them straight off as I’m working from my own imagination, creme eggs and not confined to a brief. I do love the badass chicks and the boys with swords!

The Best: You must learn the inverted high pass selection! ~ Eva Ubani, fashion retoucher.

Yes Eva - you got a mention coz yer me BIOTCHn'BUDDY!

I get the oddest looks. I think they expect me to have a beret or something on and talk in a French accent, not a country, Irish accent that sounds like a cross between a pirate and a leprechaun.

Want to read more - go buy it! 

Oh and 

Isn't she pruddy?? I think she is! Just posting her without the text coz well - shes so pruddy!


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