Friday, May 13, 2011

18+ images: A fine line between art and not?

A few things happened this week that got the wheels in my brain turning. (Yes it hurt!)

I've been thinking long and hard about what constitutes a 18+ image. Now you have the usual nipples, fanny, dick, and models in various states of arousal scantily clad.

Then you have the various sites which all have their own 18+ rules and regulations however most are the same. These are taken directly from the various sites I picked at random:

Safety Level
Safe - Content suitable for a global, public audience
Moderate - If you're not sure whether your content is suitable for a global, public audience but you think that it doesn't need to be restricted per se, this category is for you
Restricted - This is content you probably wouldn't show to your mum, and definitely shouldn't be seen by kids

Deviant Art
Contains Mature Content
Sexual Themes
Strong Language
Ideologically Sensitive

Art Limited
Adult content must be checked for explicit nudity, sexual scenes, violence and/or all restricted contents. Administrators can mark content as "adult content" if necessary without asking permission. A picture tagged "adult content" won't be available for the general public, non-registered visitors.

Not Safe For Work Filter
Many browsers of RedBubble access the site from the workplace. In light of this we have implemented a filter called Not Safe For Work (NSFW). This filter can be activated when uploading an image or at any time by editing a work (see below). We ask people to activate this filter for any material containing nudity, strong language or other material not appropriate for the work environment.

Now theres a common theme. Your educated, yes we get it. 

So it was to complete amazement that 

Was the subject of a 18+ warning. 

 Excuse the language but

WHAT THE FUCK!! As I pee myself laughing hysterically at the wee 18+ sign!
I was talking to another artist, who does the most beautiful photographic nudes - she is just stunning and her work is amazing. I have nothing against nudes, I appreciate nudes in all forms (shut up ye dirty gits! We all know I have a thing for the men! *snigger*) apart from the vulger "oh heres a pic of a girl with her legs akimbo GWC shot" *upchuck* images. She had a issue on a different site and in fairness, I seen the shots, there's nothing showing - not even a glimpse of a nipple! She was heavily slapped and I do think this is wrong for her and her wonderful shots. She has no comeback, they have just done it without even listening to her reasoning. Bit shite huh?

Onto a topic close to the heart - Book Covers, Violence and Nudity

If you look at the UF/PR covers there is blood. There is much more than on Lanny there. There is a lot more flesh than my friends shots especially in Alpha male series covers.

If you look at the more erotic covers - heck, theres pubes showing in some male frontal shots and it's honky dory.
One cover artist in particular (ok yer cleaver, you know I stalk them) uses quite a bit in their covers and they are never ever slammed or warned.
Double standard much because they are well known? DAM THEM!!!! So jealous! :-P
All these covers are in bookshops and children can see them on the shelves. Not so much the erotic stuff as they are generally "in the back corner" but the more risque - for lack of a better term - UF, fantasy and paranormal covers are on display for all to see.
I try to be responsible though - some images I have ARE 18+, some are on the border. When or if in doubt they go to 18+. Responsible people will do that.

So where does the line lie?
My head hurts! Off I go!

Be bad!


  1. When a scratch is classified as "violent", it means our society is refusing to let people think for themselves. Art was meant to criticize politics, not be political itself. I'm sorry you're dealing with this; any normal, THINKING human being would see your piece for what it is: a BEAUTIFUL (as usual) artwork.

  2. See, I'm not bothered about Lanny pic actually - found it highly entertaining (since I removed the 18+ tag coz I'm lovely like that) but you are exactly right. A "scratch" if now deemed "violent" means that: 1) the worlds a bit fucked and 2) 60% of the UF/PR/Fantasy et al covers should be recalled. Yes? I dont think Tor, Pyr, Signet etc would! lol!